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The Milton Thomas Award

The Milton Thomas Award is presented annually to a person in the community who has shown extraordnary support of the Veteran Community. Recipient selection is made by the current CAVC Chair.


The award was established in 2003 to honor Milton Thomas who spent a lifetime supporting the Veteran community through physical assistance, volunteer work and financial backing.


The Milton Thomas Award

(Past Recipients)

Patty Parks, 2019

Alan Syler, 2018

Terry Wayne Johnson, 2017

Patty Parks, 2016

Bobby Crates, 2015

Mark Parks, 2014

Deborah Kendrick, 2013

Mickey McCamish, 2012

Bill Norton, 2011

Paul Martin, 2010

Carl Levi, 2009

Pete Chaney, 2008

Lisa Newman-Daniel, 2007

Charlie Hobbs, 2006

Patty Parks, 2005

Dan Lovin, 2004

Ralph Wilson, 2003

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