CAVC Armed Forces Day Parade







The following guidelines are conditional to allowing participation in the parade: 

1.    Each applicant will submit duly executed application for participation in The Armed Forces Week Celebration Parade (referred to herein as the “Application”).

2.    Each participant agrees to abide by the regulations provided in the Application and Guidelines. 

3.    Each participant agrees to abide by the coordinating instructions to be provided to each participating organization.  

4.    Each applicant acknowledges that the Chattanooga Area Veterans Council Armed Forces Week Celebration Committee shall review each application and reserves the right of final approval for an applicant's participation in the parade.




In consideration of being permitted to participate in the 2022 Chattanooga Armed Forces Week Celebration Parade, each applicant agrees to be bound by and to comply with the following conditions and rules as well as the Parade Guidelines: 

1.    The undersigned, as the representative for the organization, does hereby Release the Chattanooga Area Veterans Council Armed Forces Week Celebration Committee, its principals, and all representatives thereof, from all claims for damage, demands and actions whatsoever in any manner, because of participation in the Armed Forces Week Celebration Parade or any associated activities. 

2.    The undersigned understands the inherent risks involved in participation in The Armed Forces Week Celebration Parade (being historically slight with no known injuries in 72 years) and accepts full responsibility for the risk in participating in the parade. The organization representative will have all participants sign the enclosed waiver and maintain it on file. 

3.    The applicant will always fully comply with all ordinances, rules, laws, and regulations: federal, state, and local; in any way applicable to the Armed Forces Week Celebration Parade, and any associated activities. The applicant will always fully comply with all rules and regulations furnished to the undersigned at any time prior, during and after the parade. 

4.    The Parade's purpose is to honor those actively serving in the U.S. Military.  

a.       Participants must provide their own transportation for those desiring to ride in the parade.  However, Trailers may be available for those organizations desiring a float.
b.       Vehicles must be safe and designed so as not to damage public roadways (i.e., no tracked vehicles, equipment, etc., without the express prior approval of the City of Chattanooga. Participants must not distribute, peddle, solicit orders for sales, or advertise within the unit or during the parade. 

c.     The only sign allowed for each participating group will include the Unit's name and location. Commercial, political or personal agenda signs, banners or flags will be disallowed except to designate the sponsor. Signs, banners, and displays are subject to approval by the Parade Coordinator.

d.    Any emphasis on flags will be on the flag of the United States of America. In addition, one set of "unit Colors" that helps to identify the unit may be allowed (i.e., regimental Colors, Armed Forces colors, school Colors, post Colors.) 


 e.    The participant acknowledges that any activity that could cause public disorder, alarm or injury to any person or animal is prohibited, including offensive language, noise or odors, etc. Each organization accepts collective and individual liability for any disruption or injury caused by its behavior and participation. Any applicant may be refused if the parade Coordinator feels the equipment, motif or proposed entry poses a danger to themselves or to the public safety and welfare.

f.    The participant acknowledges that its conduct or unit equipment will not interfere with or impede other parade participants.

g.    The committee reserves the right to restrict the number of entries to maintain an orderly and timely event 

   Failure to comply with these Conditions for Participation will result in your organization being denied future invitations.